From Our Employees...


"I'm thrilled to be a part of Greenspire, it's intriguing to me because we all share the same goal to succeed and grow. During a time in our history where energy efficiency is of the upmost importance it's satisfying to have a career in this field. Our hiring team has done an excellent job recruiting the right people to give Greenspire the right synergy."


"Not everyone can say they love going to work everyday, but when your job is a few blocks from the beach in beautiful Santa Monica, CA, you work with incredible, passionate and kind individuals, and you actually feel like you're making a positive difference in the world, there's really not much more you could ask for!"

From our Customers...


"A representative from Greenspire spoke to my wife about how my summer home in Orange County may be using too much electricity. ...We noticed that our bill was getting really high so were willing to listen to what this Greenspire representative had to offer. He told us that we may qualify for some government programs that could help us upgrade our older home to make it more efficient. He set us up for a free energy assessment (which I found really great considering I would have not had a problem paying for it) and Zero Energy came out the next day to test the home. They checked the insulation levels, our ducts, and even checked for gas leaks and asbestos. The Zero Energy assessor was actually very well presented and seemed to know what he was talking about. They came back the next day (talk about quick turn-around time) and went over everything they found during the assessment. It turns out that the home had insulation that was deterioating in that attic and none in the outer walls. We also had a major gas leak that we were not aware about! Overall the project was going to save me 30% of my monthly gas and electric bills and I qualified for $7,000 worth of incentives from the state! We decided to go through with the program and overall the project took about 3 more weeks to complete. Although this type of project you can't really see a visible difference but I can feel the difference right away! The air quality of the home is a lot cleaner and it seems to hold the cold air better than it did before. We are very satisfied with the overall experience and we are considering moving to California full-time now that the kids are off to college. I would recommend Greenspire and Zero Energy to anyone serious about getting an education of their home."


"I recently purchased an older home that needed some TLC. I was in the process of shopping around for contractors that can give me estimates on getting my ducts wrapped and adding insulation and the company I was working with originally gave me a fair quote but failed to mention that there are government programs that can actually help pay for some of this work. Lucky enough for me a Greenspire representative called me and let me know that I may not have to pay for the whole thing myself. They scheduled an energy assessment and sent someone out to "test" my home. This was surprising because the first contractor I was speaking with didn't even offer to evaluate our home and was giving me a quote based on what they thought the price would be. It turns out that there is a fair amount of incentives available and the project is less expensive than I thought!"

From our Friends...

"Environmental solutions are great! Thank you Greenspire for helping people reduce energy costs and our carbon footprint!"

"The health of this planet reflects in our health. Thank you for sharing this!"



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Why Upgrade Now?


Time is limited, as the state incentives and grants that could save you thousands of dollars on your upgrade are running out!


To see if you qualify, click on the Contact Us section and a Greenspire representative will contact you to schedule your FREE energy assessment! 


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